Since 2004, M&C Appraisals LLC has provided quality, market-based residential real estate appraisals for single-family homes, condominiums, cooperative housing, small income properties (2-4 Units), and manufactured housing on land and in leasehold parks. The owner, Mark Sova, is an FHA approved, SRA, AI-RRS Designated Member of the Appraisal Institute with years of experience in appraising residential real estate. He has experience valuing multimillion-dollar estates, acreage properties, REO properties, retrospective appraisals, new and proposed construction, litigation appraisals, and review work.

Our Services

Our team of professional appraisers provides services in Whatcom and Skagit Counties for the following:

Estate and Probate

If you have been selected to serve as an executor of an estate, you have an important responsibility. You have been entrusted by the deceased to carry out their wishes in a swift and orderly manner. Most likely, you are responsible for determining the value of both personal and real property.

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The staff at M&C Appraisals LLC understands the complexity of the divorce process and works with our clients to provide well-supported, USPAP*-compliant, defensible, quality reports. Professionals such as attorneys and accountants rely on our value conclusions for estate and divorce settlements. In addition, unlike many other appraisers, M&C Appraisals provides expert witness testimony in court if needed.

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A pre-listing appraisal can help you set the asking price for your property. It can give you a tool to negotiate a sale price with the buyer, and it also helps both the seller and the buyer understand the current market.

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Leasehold Park

Determining accurate and supportable valuations for manufactured and mobile home properties in leasehold parks is not the same as a residential real estate appraisals. The homeowner does not own the land. This puts these homes in the “chattel” or personal property category. Market conditions can be quite different for these types of residences. Proper training is essential for quality appraisals.

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A bankruptcy appraisal is used in court to set the market value of a property in a bankruptcy proceeding. There are several different types of appraisals available, and it is important that the appraisal you receive is accepted in bankruptcy court.

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The appraisal process is often a new experience for the home owner. M&C Appraisals has created a process that easily guides the home owner, mortgage company, real estate agent and any other parties in the loan through our system.

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Bail Bonds

The staff at M&C Appraisals LLC are extremely sensitive to the traumatic effects associated with even a very brief incarceration. There are few situations in which an appraisal must be done quickly, but an appraisal to determine collateral for a bail or immigration bond while your loved one is in custody will qualify for our highest priority. Our services will be both confidential and discreet to ensure your privacy.

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Measurement Service

We provide home measuring services for Brokers, Realtors, Buyers, Sellers, and other Real Estate Professionals. We accurately measure houses, calculate finished and unfinished areas and provide drawings for marketing a property. Square footage greatly impacts the value of a home. So, you want to make sure you have the correct square footage.

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Other Services

Other services we provide appraisals for are Insurance purposes, PMI removal, and Property Tax disputes.

Order an Appraisal

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