San Jose Manufatured & Mobile Homes Appraiser

Need Accurate Appraisals for Mobile and Manufactured Homes in Leasehold Parks?

Two Qualifications You Should Require from Your Appraiser:

Training and Experience

Determining accurate and supportable valuations for properties in leasehold parks is not the same as getting appraisals for typical residential real estate.

It is personal property.

The homeowner does not own the land, which puts these homes in the “chattel” or personal property category. Market conditions can be quite different for these types of residences. As a result, proper training is essential for quality appraisals.

Also, valuations must be properly supported by accurate data to avoid any delays or underwriting conditions. This comes with knowledge acquired from working in this type of market, in a variety of park locations.

M&C Appraisals LLC Specializes in Mobile and Manufactured Home Appraisals

  • Certified Residential Appraisal License
  • Over 15 years of experience with mobile and manufactured home appraisals
  • Prior experience with leasehold parks
  • Over 1,500 appraisals delivered without underwriting problems
  • We have the tools to ensure accuracy, such as local NWMLS
  • Unlike some nationwide and statewide manufactured and mobile home appraisal companies, with M&C Appraisals LLC your property will be inspected and the report completed by a state certified residential appraiser, not just a field inspector who takes notes and photos to send back to the appraiser developing the report. You should verify with your lender that the appraiser completing the report also will be inspecting the property to give your property the proper attention it deserves.

Major Lender Approval List

Underwriting issues and loan approval delays typically result from valuations from inexperienced appraisers. That’s why most lenders that fund personal property work exclusively with appraisers who have demonstrated expertise and knowledge regarding leasehold park residences.

M&C Appraisals is approved by the following major lenders:

  • Credit Human
  • Triad Financial Services
  • US Bank
  • 21st Century Mortgage