Most common FHA repairs

FHA loans generally have more requirements than conventional loans and thus tend to have more conditions associated with the appraisal. When considering FHA loans, keep in mind Safety, Security, and Soundness. In my experience, the most common repairs I have found with FHA loans have been

1)      Missing Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon Monoxide detectors are not too expensive and can be purchased from most home improvement stores. They also have detectors which will plug into a wall outlet for easy installation. Below are a photos of carbon monoxide detectors.

Carbon Monoxide 1Carbon Monoxide 2
2)      Defective Paint Surfaces

Chipping, peeling, cracked paint on homes built prior to 1978. Below are photos of a defective paint surfaces.

Paint peel 1Paint peel2
 3)       Water heater not properly strapped.

The water heater should be double strapped per California code as shown in the photo below.

Hot water heater

4)      Utilities Off

Utilities are not turned on when I go out for the appraisal appointment. When we make the appointment to inspect the home, we reiterate the need for the utilities to be functioning. However, we still find when we get out to the property that they are not always turned on. Make sure all utilities are turned on so the systems of the house can be tested.

5)     Appliances not functioning

Many times the garbage disposal will not function, the dishwasher will not function, the furnace will not function, or the microwave will not function. All appliances must be functional. Make sure all appliances are working at the time the appraiser inspects the home.

6)      Pools not clean

The pool is not full and or the pool is dirty and the bottom of the pool cannot be observed. The pool must be functional and clean.


7)      Exposed Electrical Wiring

Make sure there is no exposed wiring which would be a safety hazard.

 8)      Missing steps from doorways.

Make sure doors have adequate steps which meet local building code.

missing steps

9)      Broken Windows.

No broken windows with shards of glass.

broken window

10)    Decking

Unsafe decking such as loose boards, rotted boards, or missing boards are a safety problem and will have to be remedied.


If you have any questions about FHA requirements, please contact us. We will be happy to discuss the requirements.

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