M&C Appraisals LLC is experienced with providing USPAP*-compliant appraisal review work for our clients. We can provide you with either a desk review or a field review. At times, our clients request that additional information is included in the review, such as additional sale comparables that we can provide for an added fee.

Why Review an Appraisal Report?

  1. To help the intended user test the reasonableness of the appraisal report under review.
  2. To verify that the methods and techniques used in the appraisal are appropriate for the assignment.
  3. To support the appraisal’s credibility.
  4. To help clients manage risk.
  5. To support litigation and dispute litigation.
  6. To assess the product of other appraisers.

At M&C Appraisals LLC, we adhere to USPAP* requirements and review the appraisal, not the appraiser. If you have a need for our appraisal review services, please contact us.

*USPAP – Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice