If you have been selected to serve as an executor of an estate, you have an important responsibility. You have been entrusted by the deceased to carry out their wishes in a swift and orderly manner. Most likely, you are responsible for determining the value of both personal and real property.

M&C Appraisals LLC can help you with your real property appraisals. In addition, we can assist you with your personal property appraisals for both mobile and manufactured homes.

Settling an estate often requires an appraisal to determine fair market value for the property involved. The date of the appraisal often differs from the order date of the appraisal, and our staff at M&C Appraisals LLC are knowledgeable about the requirements for performing a retroactive appraisal with an effective date and fair market value estimate that differs from the order date. This date may be any date, but it is generally the date the deceased passed away. You can rest assured that our staff at M&C Appraisals are sensitive to the emotions involved with this process.

Professionals such as attorneys and accountants depend on our accurate, complete, USPAP*-compliant, and thoroughly defensible valuations.

Please contact us for your estate appraisal needs.