A bankruptcy appraisal is used in court to set the market value of a property in a bankruptcy proceeding. There are several different types of appraisals available, and it is important that the appraisal you receive is accepted in bankruptcy court. For instance, because the less expensive options are less detailed, they may not be accepted by the judge. We recommend that you consult your attorney to determine which type of appraisal will best meet your needs.

M&C Appraisals LLC offers several levels of valuation services:

1) Desktop appraisal – Our least expensive service, a desktop appraisal, does not require us to physically inspect the property and sale comparables. Just submit a completed property survey with your order and we can quickly provide you with this service.

2) Drive-by appraisal – Our mid-level service, a drive-by appraisal does not require us to inspect the interior of the property. Therefore, we do not need to disturb the occupant to perform the appraisal. Just submit a completed property survey with your order and we can quickly provide you with this service.

3) Full exterior and interior appraisal – This is the most complete and accurate appraisal service we provide. We do need to access the interior of the property for a full inspection.

In addition, unlike many other appraisers, M&C Appraisals provides expert witness testimony in court if needed.

If you need a Certified Residential Appraiser to produce a USPAP*-compliant, credible, well-supported, defensible appraisal for your bankruptcy, or just have a question, please contact us.

*USPAP – Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice