What type of appraisal service do you require?


At M&C Appraisals we can provide your clients with different service levels depending upon their needs. The three levels we offer are a Full Appraisal, the Exterior Only Appraisal, or the Desktop Appraisal.

Our lowest scope of work assignment is the Desktop Appraisal. This can be used to obtain a quick low cost opinion of value for a property from a licensed appraiser. Some uses for the Desktop Appraisal are Bankruptcies, Divorces, Short Sale Negotiations, Second Mortgages, HELOCs, and Property Tax Appeal.

The second alternative is the Exterior Only Appraisal. This has a lower scope of work than the familiar Full Appraisal as it does not involve inspection of the interior of the property. It is less expensive than a Full Appraisal. This can be used for similar purposes as the Desktop Appraisal.

The Full Appraisal is the most common and used by Lenders for Primary Mortgages. It includes an inspection of the interior and exterior of the property. This is the most detailed and accurate type of appraisal we provide. It has a higher scope of work than the other two alternatives; thus, costs the most.